Teléfono 24 h. 950 442122
Teléfono 24 h. 950 442122


At García Soler Funeral Services, we are committed to making the grieving process as easy as possible for you. We are aware of the importance that a caring and unique service can play in those hard moments. We have English-speaking personnel available 24 hours a day.

With this in mind, we can provide all legal arrangements related to any funeral service. We offer you a personal taylor-made service with the utmost care by arranging a funeral that meets your needs. 

We have our own funeral parlours where you can give the last farewell to your deceased loved ones. We also have a church, in order to organise a religious service with your priest. We can also provide your flower arrangements upon request

We also offer cremation services and a wide range of urns to choose from as well as the option of special containers for transporting your loved one’s remains as carry-on luggage on your flight. 

Should you have any questions, comments or inquiries, please feel free to call us any time.


Funeral Services

We also can offer you all kind of insurance with the fullest guarantees and exclusive advice. García Soler Funeral Services are authorised agents for the national Spanish insurer Santa Lucía Seguros, a big company with over 90 years of experience in the field.

Ask us for more information. 


María on 607-378613 (English spoken)


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We also offer our services in english. Please check "English Speakers" for more details.

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